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AEF Board of Directors
CHRISTOPHER W. NELSON -- Chairman of the Board & CEO

As a 20 year financial professional, Christopher Nelson has been a pioneer in fields of mortgage banking, real estate, and technology.  As one of the founders of Mr. Nelson was involved in creating electronic mortgages and is credited with recording the first ever Electronic Home Loan.  His partners were Microsoft, DocuTouch, First American Title, Flagstar Bank, the state of Florida, Calyx,, and Fannie Mae.  Mr. Nelson was honored with the Whoʼs Who in Technology for two years in a row in 1999 and 2000.  He also helped pioneer Title Insurance and the Multiple Listing Service for Mexico.  As the CEO of Mr. Nelson employed over 350 people in his Bellevue, Washington headquarters and several hundred additional consultants off site.  Prior to its sale in 2001, competed head to head with E-Loan, LendingTree, Ditech and Home Advisor.

After the sale of Mr. Nelson took time off to spend with his four children, consult a range of financial companies, speak motivationally, and train over 30,000 financial professionals on his First Call Program.  He has been regularly speaking to large crowds of struggling homeowners across the country and listened to their stories, as well as hosting numerous national live radio shows.  Mr. Nelson’s public speaking and marketing efforts in aid of distressed home owners, in addition to his deep experience in mortgage finance and real estate, make him uniquely qualified to lead the American Equity Foundation.  

Prior to his financial career Mr. Nelson proudly served in the United States Navy as Crew Leader for the Bow of the USS Ranger in the Persian Gulf.  In his personal time Mr. Nelson enjoys his four children, tournament golfing, motorcycle racing, motivational speaking and philanthropy, and is a dedicated Patriot.   Mr. Nelson routinely speaks to large audiences of consumers across the country about Protecting and Defending their American Equity.

AEF Advisory Board Members

ANTHONY CAPPAZE -- Advisory Board Member

Mr. Cappaze is the Founder and CEO of the Royal Sovereign Group.  Royal Sovereign Group was founded in 2008 as a way for people to purchase Certificates of Deposit (CSs) with added security that their investment is backed by the safety of gold.  Royal Sovereign Group is a Sovereign Bank endorsed by Credit Suisse.  Royal Sovereign Group is also active in mining operations and processing around the world, and currently is a major producer of precious metals.  Mr. Cappaze has been active as a private investor in numerous startup companies for more than 25 years.  He also brings experience in Municipal Corporate Finance, Institutional Bank Finance, and was a Senior Executive at Northern Telecom and also ran the East Coast operations of United Telecom including the government division.  As a Board Member for American Equity Foundation, Mr. Cappaze brings a deep understanding of global financial markets as well as a belief in the use of precious metals to Protect and Secure American Equity.

DENNISON SMITH -- Advisory Board Member

Denison E. Smith is an attorney, investment banker and Managing Director of InSite Mediacom LLC, a billboard company.  Smith financed Craig McCaw and McCaw Communications in the cable tv industry (1987), built and sold Telecom Towers Inc. (a major independent cell tower company) to American Tower Corp (NYSE) in 1999 and served as legislative assistant to U.S. Senator James E. McClure. He is a Trustee of The Reason Foundation and formerly Regional Vice-President, Pioneer Funds of Boston and currently Chairman of The Jeffersonian Foundation Incorporated.  Smith resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and Fairfax, Virginia. Mr. Smith, as a Board Member for the American Equity Foundation, is deeply connected in current campaigns for candidates that exude the AEF mission.   Mr. Smith is AEF’s boots on the ground in Washington D.C. and around the country.