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Rebuilding America One Family at a Time
AEF is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping Americans protect, repair, and grow their equity.  AEF works to stabilize communities through home ownership, financial literacy, education and hands-on support.   Together we are rebuilding America one family at a time.  

Join the Movement - Become an AEF Member

Join the movement to help rebuild America today!   Join the nationwide team that is helping to keep members in homes, strengthen communities, and create local jobs.  Please take a moment to download and read AEF's Equity Bill of Rights.  This is what we believe in, and if you do too please share it with your friends and family.




AEF Team Members Include

Major Non-Profits

Private and Public ​Investors 

Financial Institutions

Home owners


Community advocates


Mortgage professionals

Religious organizations


Political teams


Media professionals

Looking for real and immediate solutions to rebuild your equity?  If you are looking to:

  • Remain in your home at a payment that you can afford that Won't Change!
  • Rebuild your credit
  • Find great alternatives to traditional checking accounts
  • Make the repairs your home needs
  • Make energy efficiency upgrades on your home and lower your utility bills
  • Find ways to reduce your medical bills with

If this describes you, you have come to the right place.  Welcome to AEF!  
If you want to do the work to honestly and ethically stay in your home at a payment you can afford, or want to structure a situation where you get a FRESH START.... 'Continue Home' may be able to help you.  AEF is helping Americans stabilize their housing, rebuild their credit, borrow responsibly, and increase their American Equity.  

'Continue Home' is a Neighborhood Stabilization Plan (NSP) designed to give homeowners a second chance at keeping the homes they've worked so hard for.  AEF works with private investors and banks to purchase homes at risk of foreclosure and give homeowners time to repair their financial situations while staying in their home or renting a new home.  With your lender's permission you may be able to stay in your home after an AEF investor purchases the property.  If your lender does not allow you to stay, then AEF and its investors can help you find a new home to rent and eventually purchase.

AEF, under NSP, is proud to partner with private investors who are committed to stabilizing neighborhoods.  AEF helps homeowners rebuild their financial profile, reduce their debt, and get back on their feet while staying and paying on their own home when possible. Every family that gets to stay in their home makes their community that much stronger.  To learn more about how Continue Home can help you save your home click on the link below.
'Continue Home' is a Neighborhood Stabilization Program from AEF
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Home~About UsContact UsContinue HomePartnersHealthCare